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Floor Prep for Wood Flooring Installation

The final product of your wood flooring installation is only as good as the preparation of the subfloor. How well this is done directly affects the performance of the finished flooring and is often an overlooked element. Floor prep can be somewhat costly and time-consuming, but if the condition of the subfloor is poor, not properly cleaned, not dry enough and not flat enough, the flooring performance may suffer and require a call back and some type of repair, maybe even reinstallation. This is definitely one place where you do not want to take short cuts or cut costs.  

Before the installation of wood floors, certain measures must be taken to get the subfloor within the designated moisture and flatness specs. This is not only to ensure the stability and durability of the floor, but also to retain the manufacturer warranty. Sometimes it is necessary to grind down high spots or fill in low spots to achieve full flatness specs. If the hardwood flooring is to be glued directly to the slab, that slab should be sealed to prevent water vapor from penetrating the floor. Upon application of moisture sealer, the floor cannot be walked upon until the sealer is dry, approximately 12 hours.  

At CW Woodworks, we make sure that all floor prep has been done thoroughly and correctly before we install wood floor. We use the industry’s best dust containment systems and we also use plastic to help protect the areas not being prepped. For more questions or concerns regarding floor preparation contact our office.  Click here to contact us.

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